Small Town Hotel Hospitality

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As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I continue to be charmed by the advantages of living and working in a small town.  For example, during my lunch hour I can drop off my dry cleaning, run to the post office, pick up a prescription and still have 45 minutes to eat.  And when my dry cleaning is mistakenly given to the wrong customer, I know him!  And I know where he works.  And I know where the auto repair shop is, where my dry cleaning is hanging in his car, as it waits to be lubed and oiled.  What in California would have been a major disruption to my day (assuming I ever saw my dry cleaning again) is, in Nebraska City, a five minute inconvenience.

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Morel Mushrooms Make for Delicious Nebraska Dining

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It’s the height of morel mushroom season in the midwest, and people everywhere are taking to the forest and the underbrush with great expectations of finding the mother lode of the delicious fungus.

Good luck to you!

Assuming you find enough morel mushrooms for at least one meal, I think this recipe for Morel Mushroom Frittatas will please your palate. It makes an excellent main dish for a weekend brunch with friends and family.

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Nebraska Wedding Tips – How to Choose the Perfect Location

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Marriage is a blissful and exciting time for all couples.  There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding location for your special day.  Although this is a big decision for engaged couples it should be joyful and stress free.  Here are a few facts to consider with choosing your location…

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