Activities for an Effective Meeting

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Keeping meeting attendees focused is one of your top priorities, right?  Here are just a few suggestions that will help make your next meeting effective…

  • Start off with an icebreaker or welcome – although there will be some meeting attendees groaning, it really does get the brain juices flowing.  “What’s in the bag” or “Who’s my neighbor” are a couple of great choices.
  • At lunch time, make sure you give them time to eat and digest their food.  Suggest a quick walk to rejuvenate themselves – don’t rush if you don’t have to.
  • Breaks, stretches, mini-massages, and some healthy snacks will keep them awake during the meeting.
  • Before dinner – add a social hour.  Wine tastings are on of my favorites!  This networking time is invaluable and can be just as important as the meeting.  Some of the best ideas are born during this time.
  • After dinner is a perfect time for a little fun.  Tours, bonfires, games (either physical or mental, but my preference is competitive especially after sitting in a meeting all day).  But one word of caution, if you want your meeting to be productive the next day…choose your activity and ending time carefully.

So, whether you are planning a corporate meeting or just looking for some ideas, I hope these have helped.  Have you experienced an activity at a meeting that kept you engaged?  Share a great activity and you might just make the next meeting planner’s day.

Denise Munderloh is a hospitality industry veteran with 19 years of experience at hotels, resorts, and conference centers across the U.S. Denise has been the Director of Sales & Marketing for Lied Lodge & Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm, Nebraska City, NE, since 2004.

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