Artists Announced for Art in the Woods at Arbor Day Farm

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Nebraska City, NE – A selection committee is proud to announce six artists to showcase nature-inspired art installations in ‘Art in the Woods,’ an outdoor art exhibit coming to Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure in Summer 2012. Submissions were received from 35 artists spanning eight U.S. states and Canada, with media that ranged from stained glass and steel to willow branches and ceramics.


Art in the Woods at Arbor Day Farm, an outdoor art installation

Artist entries were received from eight U.S. states and Canada.

“Our selection committee really took time in considering every artist submission,” said Susan Freshman, manager at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure. “There was lively debate among committee members in narrowing the submissions down to just six selections. Ultimately, we feel that the work of the six finalists will delight our visitors and guests this summer.”

Artists selected for Art in the Woods at Arbor Day Farm are:

Doug Hoevet of Gering, NE. Is it a forest? Or is it a family? It depends on your perspective. The visual experience of Hoevet’s collection of 10 steel sculptures – arranged in a natural setting – will leave you questioning the real from the abstract.

Brian Hamilton of Omaha, NE. – In the natural world, burls on a tree are indications of stress or deformity. But in Burl: Arbor Apparatus, Hamilton explores the symbiotic relationship between these bulbous protrusions and the natural organisms they serve.

Wayne State College Department of Art and Design Visual Arts Club and Steve Elliott, Sponsor; Wayne, NE – Remember those “helicopter” maple seeds that spin and dance as they float to the ground? In Seeds in the Round: Intersection of Nature and Viability, you will enjoy a larger-than-life perspective on these familiar and elegant forms. This piece is the only Art in the Woods installation that is created by a team of collaborating artists.

Leslie Bruning of Omaha, NE. Entitled Quiet Presence, Bruning’s canoe sculptures recall the quiet footprint of the Native American inhabitants on our region, from hunting the native plains and fishing in the streams and also their disappearance from these woods. This is the second time Bruning’s work has been selected for display at Arbor Day Farm; his 50 Birds and One Squirrel creation was installed at the Tree Adventure in 2009.

Erika Nelson of Lucas, KS – Six animal forms covered in colored stone and sand come together to create unique textures, patterns, and petroglyphs reflecting the Native Fauna once found in Southeast Nebraska. Each surface design is derived from the Caddoan, Otoe, and Kiowa tribes of Native Americans.

Jeff Harms of Chicago, IL – Step inside this wooden walk-in sculpture entitled Ganzfeld 2 and you’ll sense a feeling of expansiveness even within the defined space. More than 4,000 feet of pine lath radiate from two points, curving around your field of vision as though the trees themselves are bending down to say hello.

Art in the Woods is an outdoor art exhibit opening at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure in June 2012, where guests and visitors are encouraged to explore and enjoy the pieces placed along the woodland trails. This exhibit is funded by the Karl H. and Wealtha H. Nelson Family Foundation, Nebraska City.

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