Fall Foliage Tour at Arbor Day Farm

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So we’ve shared on this blog before some of the inherent perks of working at Arbor Day Farm, but during the fall time of year, as our workplace is surrounded by trees with leaves in every color, it’s hands-down gorgeous. 

Rod Edwards leads a Tree Walk at Arbor Day Farm
Rod Edwards leads a Tree Walk for Arbor Day Farm employees, October 2010.


In particular, the trees in the Lied Lodge arboretum put on a spectacular show of reds, oranges, and yellows for a few short weeks every October. Call us “tree nerds,” but it’s typical for employees to say to one another, “Hey, did you see that sugar maple on the west side of the parking lot? Yesterday it was nice, but today it’s just phenomenal! My camera phone doesn’t do it justice, but here’s a photo I snapped while I was walking in today…” And then we whip out our cell phone and scroll through a few shots. Tree nerds, indeed. 

Last week we got a nice employees-only tour of the arboretum — we called it a Tree Walk — hosted by our on-staff arborist, Rod Edwards. Certainly Rod knows his trees, and he shared lots of interesting tidbits about this variety and that variety, and the benefits of planting this certain tree in this specific place. But what I’d forgotten was how Rod was actually THE GUY who planted most if not all of these trees in the arboretum that we were enjoying. Rod has been on staff at Arbor Day Farm since Day One back in 1993. He dug the holes for those trees; he toiled over the plan of which tree goes where; he sourced the nurseries from where those saplings came. Heck, he probably helped dig the hole for the foundation of Lied Lodge itself. He’s spent countless hours — years, really — nurturing the arboretum so that a staff member like me and thousands of guests can enjoy these trees everyday, year-round. 

Great job, Rod. We all say thank you. 

Beauty like this deserves to be shared. Check out our Flickr album of fall foliage at Arbor Day Farm
Feel free to post images of the fall color in your corner of the world, too. 

Amy Stouffer works at Arbor Day Farm as an executive assistant and marketing/web coordinator. Fall is her favorite season, the ginkgo is her favorite tree, and she fills her spare time with a variety of creative pursuits.

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  • michael lance says:

    I went to high school with Rodney Edwards and he was an expert on trees back then. The only thing he might enjoy more than a tree is searching for a whitetail amoungst the trees!

    • Lied Lodge Blog says:

      Thanks, Michael — sounds like you know Rod very well. You’re right, he loves those pursuits in the woods! Thanks for posting.

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