It’s More Than a Tree House…

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For many children, a backyard tree house is a place where imaginations run wild, where top secrets are shared, and where summer days seemingly last forever.

For Stross Newcom — who was born without the capacity to walk — a custom-built tree house remains the centerpiece of memories that last a lifetime.

Stross and Skye Newcom with their tree houseIn creating a tree house that allowed Stross some semblance of a typical childhood, his parents also created a hub, a gathering place for friends, family, and students of every age and ability.

Be inspired by Stross’ custom-built tree house story, as shared by his mother, Joy M. Newcom. Joy authored the book Involuntary Joy, chronicling her first five years of motherhood to a child born with spina bifida and other birth defects.

What tree house stories will you share?

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