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As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I continue to be charmed by the advantages of living and working in a small town.  For example, during my lunch hour I can drop off my dry cleaning, run to the post office, pick up a prescription and still have 45 minutes to eat.  And when my dry cleaning is mistakenly given to the wrong customer, I know him!  And I know where he works.  And I know where the auto repair shop is, where my dry cleaning is hanging in his car, as it waits to be lubed and oiled.  What in California would have been a major disruption to my day (assuming I ever saw my dry cleaning again) is, in Nebraska City, a five minute inconvenience.

At our hotel, a client arrives from Tennessee on a Sunday, after a full day of travel, and with a terrible tooth ache.  Several calls later and he is on his way to a local dentist.  The after-hour services of our local (excellent) chiropractor have also been enlisted.  And guests are welcomed as if they are visiting our own homes.

At Lied Lodge & Conference Center, on Arbor Day Farm, and in the community of Nebraska City we do our best to meet all needs . . . even the unexpected ones!

Karen Houser is the General Manager at Lied Lodge & Conference Center, Nebraska City, Nebraska, and has enjoyed her small town community for more than five years and counting.

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