Summertime Orchard: Behind the Scenes

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It’s summertime at the orchards here at Arbor Day Farm, and we find ourselves in the middle of a very hot, very dry spell here in Nebraska City. We doing a lot of the same things that you’re probably doing in your backyard gardens: watering when we can, pulling weeds, helping our plants and trees mitigate the stresses of the season. As is typical in hot and dry years, the apples will likely be smaller in size and will mature faster this fall, resulting in an earlier apple harvest.

We’ve also been taking care of some off-season projects around the orchard, too — specifically, making apple variety signs and sign posts for placement in the orchard. We heard you loud and clear: you needed better signs so you know what kinds of apples you’re picking. If grandma’s prized recipe calls for Golden Delicious, there’s no need to spend time wandering through the Ozark Golds, looking for what you need. The new signs will help you find exactly the apples you want, and they’ll also help our orchard staff keep better records of yields of specific varieties and orchard maintenance throughout the year. Win-win.

Sawing posts for the orchard at Arbor Day Farm

Jesse (L) and Adam saw new signposts for the orchards at Arbor Day Farm, Nebraska City.

Orchard sign posts ready for installing at Arbor Day Farm

There are LOTS of posts to install!

Signs like this one at Arbor Day Farm will help visitors find different varieties of apples in the orchard.

Jesse spent some time working the corn maze last week, too — cutting the design into the rows and making it a fun challenge for our visitors this fall.

We’ll share more orchard updates on the blog soon, but just wanted to show you what’s happening this summer in the orchard.

See you soon at Arbor Day Farm!


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