The Cottonwood Project: Restoring a Riverbank

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How do you plant 1,500 cottonwoods? One tree at a time.

A crew of employees from the Arbor Day Foundation and The Nature Conservancy gathered this week to bring cottonwoods back to a section of land near the Missouri River bank, just north of Nebraska City, Nebraska. The restoration project
is a collaborative effort of the two organizations, along with the U.S. Forest Service and the Nebraska Forest Service, designed to bring life and sustainability back to the riverbank.

“Our hope with this project is to provide some demonstration lands to show that there are more tolerant communities that can be restored to these grounds,” said Tyler Janke with The Nature Conservancy. Janke led the planting effort on May 17. “We want to facilitate a conversation about reforestation of flood plain grounds.”

Watch a video about the project; click the image below:







View the photo album of planting 1,500 cottonwoods.


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