Wedding Trend: Signature Drinks for Your Special Day

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I talk to a lot of brides on a daily basis, and the trend of serving signature drinks at the wedding reception has been coming up for discussion more and more lately. A couple of weeks ago, Lied Lodge hosted a bridal show, and a few of the brides I spoke with there had signature wedding drinks on their minds, too.

And why not?

Signature drinks are fun, tasty, and a great way to weave a common theme and add a little more personality to your big day.

Perhaps you want a drink that coordinates with your wedding colors, or maybe you just love sangria, or you want everyone to enjoy the cocktail that you were sipping when your beau popped the question.

Whatever your reason, online tools make it easier than ever to select a drink based on color, spirit, and other criteria. Check out — they have a great selection for weddings (and other occasions) in every season, and in every color.

So let’s raise a glass to the wedding trend of signature wedding drinks. Cheers!

Adessa Grundman is the Wedding Specialist at Lied Lodge & Conference Center, Nebraska City, Nebraska. In her 5+ years in the wedding industry, she’s helped more than 200 couples say “I Do” with style.

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  • Tom says:

    Many people ask us at the wedding venue I run where to start when designing a signature drink. It comes down to a few steps:

    Start with the wedding theme. Color, special flavor from your cake, season of the year (fall: apples, Spring: strawberries etc) all can give you an idea for the theme.

    The base spirit is next. Pick something that you know your guests will like and that is affordable.

    Next either hire a mixologist or take an existing drink and start to change one ingredient at a time. Add a new flavor, add or decrease the sweetener, add a different garnish, experiment.
    Hold a taste testing party with your bridal party to not only create a memory but elicit their advice.

    Make sure it can be made in sizable quantities. And make sure your venue and bartender have the necessary ingredients for the drink.

    Having a signature drink can allow for a memorable drink and create a fun atmosphere!

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