Photos: A New Crop of Hybrid Hazelnuts at Arbor Day Farm

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Hybrid Hazelnut Sprout at Arbor Day Farm

We thought you might enjoy seeing what’s growing in the greenhouse at Arbor Day Farm. Right now, there are about 40,000 hybrid hazelnuts thriving in the greenhouse — the most our growing facilities have ever handled in one crop. Enjoy the photos!


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A Trip to Market: Susan & Christy take on Atlanta

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Welcome to Market! Floor upon floor of unique finds.

Susan Freshman & Christy Kuhlmann, retail managers at Arbor Day Farm, are just back from Georgia for the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® — better known just as “Market.” The Market is an annual showcase of new gifts and treasures, and Susan & Christy make the trip annually to be inspired by new selections for their shops, and to bring back the best of what they think Arbor Day Farm visitors would like to shop for. This blog post is a collection of Susan’s favorite stories, photos and finds at Market. Enjoy!

Friday, Jan. 13
Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia, and the AmericasMart Gift Show. I love the energy and excitement of new products, new artisans and vendors, and all the buying and selling of such unique finds. There’s just no telling what you might find! There was also a Footloose flash mob this year (click to watch) , and while I can assure you that neither Christy nor I were in on the “mob,” we enjoyed it just the same.

Humanitrees by Joan Klostermann-Ketels

HumaniTrees, by Joan Klostermann-Ketels, was one of Susan's picks for adult readers.

Even in the midst of this huge retail show, I’m reminded of what a small world it is! I was placing an order for some of the Tree Adventure’s best-selling plush animals and meanwhile, Diana Fusco of Atlanta is telling me how much she loves Arbor Day Farm since attending a wedding at Lied Lodge a short time ago. It’s fun to make those kind of one-on-one, personal connections, despite being far from Nebraska City.

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Arbor Day Employee Takes a Spin

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Pat and Vanna from Wheel of FortuneEditor’s Note: The Arbor Day Foundation’s very own Cathy Horner, Human Resources Manager, was selected to appear on the gameshow Wheel of Fortune recently. Naturally, we’re all very excited for her. We had a number of questions about the game show experience, which she was kind enough to answer for us in this blog post. Tune in to watch Cathy on Wheel of Fortune on December 14, 2011.

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Q: How were you selected to be a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune? 
A: My daughter and I attended a Wheel Mobile event, on a whim, last April when Sony Studios was crossing the country in their WheelMobile (a big yellow RV) screening contestants for the Wheel of Fortune.  I was lucky enough to be chosen at random to answer puzzles with a group of people on the stage they set up to look just like the real game show.  After that, I was selected to attend a second audition with a more rigorous screening process.  A couple of weeks later, I was sent a letter stating that I was selected to be a contestant!

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An Intern’s Perspective: It’s More Than Trees

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Editor’s Note: We asked our intern, Hanna, to write a blog post about her Arbor Day Farm experience this summer. Below is her contribution. Thank you, Hanna, and may you touch many more lives in nature in the years ahead.

“What is Arbor Day all about?” I ask this question of the visitors during my tours at the Tree Adventure and Arbor Day Farm. As you may expect, I get a variety of answers:  anywhere from planting trees to Johnny Appleseed to saving the planet. I tell them that they all are close, and explain the need to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. 

Throughout my summer as a Nature Interpreter Intern I have learned a lot, starting with the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission and now ending with heirloom varieties of apples. My time this summer, however, has taught me that Arbor Day is about more than just trees.

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Nature-Inspired Weddings at Arbor Day Farm

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Nature-Inspired Weddings at Arbor Day Farm
We always knew that Nature Explore Classrooms — like the two we have here at Arbor Day Farm – are wonderful places for children to connect with nature. But did you know they also make a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony?

Raised Beds: A Great Option for Not-So-Great Soil

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Raised beds at Arbor Day Farm

Jan Bonham and Kristy Edwards work in the raised beds at Arbor Day Farm.

Are you looking to start your plantings earlier and possibly stretch your harvest date further?  Look no more than raised beds.  Raised beds are nothing more than elevating soil or mix, which allows the soil to warm faster in the spring and to cool slower in the autumn months.  In some regions, depending on climate, using raised beds lengthens the growing time by an extra month on either end of the regular growing cycle. That can be a real advantage in getting strong, healthy plants and trees.

Arbor Day Farm is currently experimenting with our own raised beds.  Our soil here is, for the most part, clay.  This hinders good root development for young seedlings and it also eliminates the possibility of lifting (that’s “greenhouse speak” for harvesting) the seedlings at maturity. The clay would tear the lateral roots, all but killing the seedlings once they went to outplanting.  With the challenge of clay soil in our area, we decided to go with raised beds as a trial when it comes to growing bareroot seedlings here at Arbor Day Farm

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Spring Weddings: Lots of Color

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Wedding Shoes

 Wedding season is upon us again, and every year a trend or two seems to emerge.  Some years it’s “eco-friendly” wedding themes; sometimes it’s outdoor weddings, or gem tones, or cupcakes. I’ve helped to coordinate a handful of weddings at Lied Lodge so far this spring, and one trend seems to be at the forefront right now: splashes of color — any color – in unconventional places.

Here are a few examples to get your wedding day creative juices flowing:

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Trees, Water, and Sustainability

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White Mountain National Forest - New HampshireThe Arbor Day Foundation works with many corporate partners to continue the important work of tree planting. Enterprise Rent-a-Car is one such partner. The following is a guest blog post by the Arbor Day Foundation’s founder and chief executive, John Rosenow, as posted to the Enterprise Forewords Blog on 4/26/11.

When we think of forests, we think of trees, the wonders of nature, of sheer beauty, and clean, fresh air. We often don’t think about the water we drink.

We should.

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The Greenhouse Report: Tree Shipping Season

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Happy Spring, everyone!

What a great time of the year here at Arbor Day Farm.  The soil temperature is rising, the buds are swelling, the bulbs are breaking through the ground, and the tree seedlings are heading out the door.  Our annual spring tree shipping season is upon us and I thought I’d describe what it takes to seamlessly send more than 2.5 million seedlings to all of our Arbor Day Foundation members during Spring 2011. 

As you might expect: It all starts with a great plan.

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What’s On Tap: Draft Beers of Lied Lodge

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Ales, lagers, stouts… When you’re thirsty for a cold beer, our very own Library Lounge here at Lied Lodge won’t disappoint. Watch as Bartender Matt showcases a few of the delicious draft beers he’s pouring for our guests. Not only do we love these beers for their distinct flavors, but we especially love the eco-friendly, sustainability stories that accompany a few of them.