Nebraska Senator Johanns tours Arbor Day Farm

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Senator Mike Johanns at Arbor Day Farm, Nebraska City, NE -- March 2012

Nebraska City, Neb. (March 30, 2012) – Senator Mike Johanns toured Arbor Day Farm Friday morning and was the keynote speaker for the American Agri-Women mid-year meeting, hosted at Lied Lodge & Conference Center March 29-April 1.

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The Greenhouse Report: Hybrid Hazelnuts

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For many of us, the hazelnut is a delicious snack, or maybe a favorite flavoring for a morning latte. But here at the Arbor Day Foundation, hazelnuts represent a sustainable crop with the potential to change the world.

A number of years ago, the Arbor Day Foundation wanted to produce a sustainable crop that would not only be a bio-fuel and a food source, but also an economical, high-yielding, widely-adaptable species that required relatively low input. That’s a pretty tall order, but after years of research, testing, and collaboration with invaluable partners, the Arbor Day Foundation established a nine-acre hazelnut orchard at Arbor Day Farm. What has grown out of this original planting in 1996 is a fascinating example of how a small idea can become reality and how that reality will continue to evolve into a sustainable program.

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